PGC Annual Contribution Campaign

By design, the PGC's annual tuition has a deficit of $800 per singer so that all girls may participate in our program regardless of family economics. Through foundation and corporate support, the PGC has traditionally been able to cover half that amount. As a community, the PGC families make up the remainder, through our fund-raisers, and through our Annual Contribution Campaign. Foundations look closely at the percentage of families who participate when deciding whom to fund for future grants. Your generous gift helps the PGC maintain our fine tradition of including any girl who wishes to sing, regardless of ability to pay.

Please click here to download an Annual Fund Pledge/Donation Form, or you can donate using your PayPal account by clicking the button below:

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"Transcendent. I love everything about it. The earnestness and sincerity of the effort. The compassion of the leaders and their care for the girls, not just the performance. It's a beautiful project. The epitome of community.”

PGC parent

“The PGC has provided the absolute best education for our girls. It is truly one of the best chorus groups on the Peninsula. The musicianship education makes our commitment to this group an easy addendum to our girls’ overall education.”

PGC parent

"Our daughter has been in PGC for 6 years and loves it. She was always a girl who loved to sing, but she has become a singer thanks to PGC. . . Confidence born of accomplishment is a gift you can give your girl by signing her up for PGC!”

PGC parent

"The vocal and musical education I received with PGC is unparalleled. PGC offers a musical, social and educational experience unlike any other and girls of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from its programs.”

PGC alumna

"PGC is amazing! I have sung so many different styles of music in all sorts of different languages over my many years in PGC, from pieces in Hawaiian and Hindi to Mozart. I always loved to sing, but PGC has fostered that joy and taught me great technique and musicianship at the same time. PGC is a great community and a wonderful place to grow.”

PGC singer

"PGC is what continues to help me through the week. It helps me take my mind off of things that are stressing me out like homework or high school applications. Singing with PGC makes me feel happy”.

PGC singer

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