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Community Events and Touring

Touring and choral festival participation are important facets of the Peninsula Girls Chorus program. Singers gain valuable experiences through performing for unfamiliar audiences and under a variety of circumstances. Through repeated performances, singers experience a more profound knowledge of the repertoire, and they grow as individual musicians and as a cooperative ensemble. Choristers also forge new friendships and deepen current bonds through days of fun and hard work “on the road.”

Touring and choral festival participation provide great benefits to the PGC organization as a whole, both immediately and long term. Tours create relationships with directors, choristers, and composers from around the world, and the perspective and reach of the choir is expanded on the national and international stage. Particularly for festivals, our choirs have the chance to prepare and hear new and different repertoire and observe different ways of running a choir.

It is our that each chorister who progresses through the program will have an opportunity to participate in at least one tour.

The Tour Choir has participated in the following tours:

  • 2017 – Sydney, Australia: Australian International Music Festival
  • 2015 – Eugene, OR/Seattle, WA: Pacific International Choral Festival
  • 2013 – Canterbury & London, England: International Children's Choral Festival
  • 2011 – Princeton, Washington DC & New York City
  • 2009 – Milan and Venice, Italy
  • 2008 – Ceriana, Italy (PGC Alumnae)
  • 2007 – Denver, CO: “Sing a Mile High” Festival
  • 2005 – Budapest, Vienna & Prague
  • 2003 – New Orleans, LA: Crescent City Children’s Choral Festival
  • 2001 – New Zealand
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Brava Spring Concert 2011
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